Every infusion
 is a new  


The gathering places are protected from industrial overproduction in order to leave nature operate itself and regenerate by its own. The plant’s natural growing time is respected and not once is over solicited for consumption needs. If a flower doesn’t get enough stories to tell because it could’nt have enough water or received enough sunlight, we wait for the next season to grab it. How would infusions be so colourful and full of emotions without that? If there is a privilege, it’s having the chance to try tastes like these ones.

The pickers They are men and womenwho seem to be far away from us but who are getting way much closer and then stop being strangers

The pickers

They are men and women who seem to be far away from us but who are getting way much closer thanks to a single sip, and then stop being strangers.

From the Yörük turkish ethnic group living in Ida Mount to grabbers in the French Vosges discovering their ancestral practices, it’s a true know-how transfer that Le Bénéfique creates. From stem harvest to packing, nothing’s left behind.


Two collections, two cultures who seem very different but get reunited in history. Suleman Sultan and King François 1er of France created during their lifetime a powerful and forerunner coalition. Those two collections are a tribute: Yörük’s grabbing process has become our trademark. Our collections are connections

The Sultan

The infusion are gathered in the most preserved areas of the Ida Mount; where the nomadic people called Yörük takes all the time needed to select and prepare every stem by hand.

The King

The King’s infusions follow the same process than the Sultan’s ones, but come from the French Vosges. The two collections find themselves related by an ancestral practice and the same taste of things well done.

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