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The infusions

The fantastic stories we yarn for ourselves about distant people, we begin living them when we experience Le Bénéfique. When you dip the stem into water, it’s almost like a ritual that begins and creates a connection between you and the world that surrounds you. Imagine … Time is slowing down, in the same time than the stem is getting infused and when the mug is reaching your mouth, there’s only the sound of the wind that remains on your ear. You’re there, away from troubles, away from your every day’s life.


At Le Bénéfique, we consider as the Yörük, that every plant is a gift from nature, an unique piece, that we have to (as a duty) preserve and love as it deserves it. These people grab a lavender flower, thyme, mountain sage, linden … And they do it with delicacy. Born from a Franco-Turkish association, the brand is driven by a willingness of ethics and sharing.


From the red clover to the meadowsweet or elderflowers, pistil flowers or yarrow, we are committed to make you discover or re-discover forgotten flavours. Gathered in French Vosges under the same process than Turkish respectful pick-up, you’ll be surprised by the beauty and the taste of those stems.