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Lavender flower
the blue starburst of the moonlight for a delicate and suave taste. The lavender flower calms down thanks to its feminine scents and its deep colour.
With its savage yellow and bittersweet taste, this multi-use plant has an incredible charm.
Her delicate fragrance is very famous and instantly identifiable. But it is as a herbal tea that the lavender produces the most natural flavour.
Mountain Sage
With it’s powerful and camphor taste, sage is perfect to prepare to winter or recover in case of momentary tiredness.
This is a very old plant with a powerful but little bitter taste and a strong persistence in the mouth.
Once reached its mature age, this well-famous relaxing will carry you to a quiet place surrounded by vegetation.
CRUSH Lavender flower
CRUSH is the bulk version of Lavender flower
CRUSH Chamomile
CRUSH is the bulk version of Chamomile
CRUSH Lavender
CRUSH is the bulk version of Lavender
CRUSH Mountain sage
CRUSH is the bulk version of Mountain sage
CRUSH is the bulk version of Thyme
CRUSH Linden
CRUSH is the bulk version of Linden
2 Mixed box 6 stems for Sultan collection
A full-range concept of Sultan Collection
Green Tea - Camellia sinensis
This mountain tea is a rare high-quality tea that will surprise you with its taste delicately perfumed with notes of vanilla.
This plant is legendary for being used by Achille when he needed to heal his heel. That’s why we call it “the soldier’s herb”.
This typically spring plant will bring happiness, serenity and a great viewing pleasure by unleashing each of its little yellow flowers into water.
Elder flower
Its soft taste, which is almost sweet, its pastel colour and light texture will be you main protection against toxins and winter.
Red Clover
This plant and its circular flowers are very famous in Asia. Its slightly pinkish colour will make you travel through rich clayey and sandy soils.
picked-up in the Pic-Saint-Loup Garrigues, rosemary liberates enchanting fragrances for a slightly spicy powerful taste.
This plant has a very proud position of the head. With its particular beauty, it is called “vegetal aspirin”. Crowded by petals, it enlightens the ...
Mixed box 6 stems for King collection
A full-range concept of King Collection.
Carrot flower 6 stems
A small box of 6 stems Carrot flower
Heather 6 stems
A small box of 6 stems Heather flower
Whole coffee
A social and environmental project that completely redefine the way coffee is consumed. Contains 50g of whole coffee + 1 zero waste organic reusable tissue bag + 1 "Flower of life" saucer
Advent Calendar / Bug Hotel
A home to pollinators and other insects useful to the entire ecosystem.
A mixed box of Sultan collection
A mixed gift box of Sultan & King Collection